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For all the advantages our society offers in making our lives easier and more comfortable, our lives have become increasingly complex. As a result, our emotional support systems have become disjointed and fractured, and too often we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and alone. These feelings can manifest as a variety of symptoms, including difficulty sleeping, low energy, poor concentration, irritability, anxiety and panic.

During times like these we often seek the support of friends and family. In most instances these support systems are all we need to help us regain our composure, our confidence and the ability to resume life’s journey.

Therapist Dr. Blakeslee understands that at times family and friends alone aren’t enough, and can even be a hindrance to allowing vulnerability in emotional discovery. As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Blakeslee provides the kind of counseling and psychotherapy that can offer a lasting solution in these times of need.

Fortunately, there is hope…

The counseling services provided by Lake Oswego psychologist Dr. Blakeslee offer an effective solution for the resolution of most psychological problems. By visiting our Lake Oswego counseling office, you’ll receive the guidance needed to learn how to decrease self-defeating behaviors, improve relationships and live more fully in the present.

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